I have been a storyteller all of my life.

I have wanted to write stories and I have written several poems and short stories through the years and loved the process.

Since my retirement, I now have the time to fulfill my dream. I am writing my stories, many of them based on my life. I share these with you, hoping that you will,

1) enjoy them, and

2) be inspired to overcome your challenges in life, too.

I believe as we share a little part of ourselves with each other, together, we can find answers to our day to day struggles and heartaches.



I have been sharing my life for the last thirty-seven years with my wonderful wife, Jane, affectionately known as Sunshine.

We have four children, and their significant others, four grandchildren, and two great granddaughters who we adore. 

We also have a silly, white, foo-foo dog who keeps us laughing all the time. Don’t you love the overbite?

Here is our daily dose of joy — Roy, the dog!